Daily Prayers for Ramadan 2018 with Calendar

Ramadan - the 9th month of the Islamic calendar. Ramadan 2018 UK will start from 27th May. Which will last for 29 or 30 days. After the end of Ramadan month, Shawwal Month start, which first three days are celebrated as Eid ul Fitr. Its a moment of Joy and happiness.

Importantce of Ramadan month In Islam

In Islam, Ramadan is considered to be superior to other months. It is the holiest month, in which on people of age and ability has ordered to fast during day time. Ramadan month helps greatly to develop good habits, and helps to increase self control and make us more obedient to Allah. Quran is also revealed in the month of Ramadan, on the night of Qadr. According to Islam, all adult fasting month of Ramadan, Muslims are not sick and the traveler is important. So in case you are traveling to United States, make sure to download Ramadan calendar 2018 USA for ease to aware of prayer times and start and end dates of Ramadan month.

Daily prayers of Ramadan

The prayer of the 1st day

God, strike me today I fast fasting and prayers of the worshipers stood up to me to worship. Wake me from the sleep of those who were unaware of at present. Forgive my sins, my worlds, O God, and who pardon the culprits!
1st day of prayer in Arabic reading of the
2nd day of prayer
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God, I am convinced that today, and today is close to what you are away from me from his fury. I read the verses of the Koran, which is the book a day like to achieve. O Merciful of the merciful!
2nd day of prayer in Arabic reading of the
3rd day of prayer

God, today, think well and give sober thought. I was far from foolish and stupid about it. Today, all that is downloaded to a charity of their səxavətinlə take my share. Recommended to Read: Ramadan calendrier 2018 france for french people living in France or neighborhoods.