National Daughters Day 2016 Images

Happy Daughters day to every Princess here......Njoy our day🌹

Its the BEST thing ever when Dad comes home & hands me a present Saying National Daughters Day 2017,when it was actually yesterday.My dad's AWESOME!

Happy #Daughters Day to all lovely daughters! All father's must share this with them today!

Happy Daughters day to our teams owner and motivation Miss Nita Ambani.... @mipaltan #ThisTimeFor10dulkar

MT @mohitraj A daughter is the best thing that can happen to you ,Happy Daughters Day to everyone from a proud father.

My Dad just wished me an early Happy Daughters Day (Traditionally a holiday in India on Sept. 25) Forever Daddy's Girl. <3 Love you Daddy!

Indian people have a whole celebration for the boys but all girls get is a happy daughters day. Like wooo

@angelcharlie8 dee happy daughters day... sry 4 wshng so late:( small edit 4 u. plz hv luk. hope u lyk it dee

Happy daughters day to my lovely Breea Merchant and special thanks to Roshni Merchant with you both my life is empty. :-D;-)

"Happy daughters day..uncle"
"Oh! Thank you beta."
"AND by the way ur daughter is very HOT"

*Tweeting with one eye closed*

lots of interesting facts of daughters day can be seen on official website of happy daughters day.